Work faster with TopSolid’Wood 2014

Missler Software has just launched TopSolid’Wood 2014, its new integrated CAD/CAM solution for the wood industry. TopSolid’Wood is an integrated design, manufacturing and management software specialized for wood processing. It is a uniquely integrated CAD/CAM wood solution that meets the needs of designers, manufacturers and subcontractors in the wood working sector.

There are many new features in the 2014 version which offer substantial time gains for TopSolid’Wood users.

Customizable user interface

The new style configuration allows you to organize your menus and icons as you wish and to create as many as you want depending on the project worked on. You can customize your work environment (by eliminating icons and menus not required) and thereby work faster and more efficiently. The new style configuration function is easy to use and requires little preparation work to get started. 

More functions to secure collaborative work  

TopSolid’Wood 2014 offers a new file lock mode which enables several users to work on the same project. The 2014 version offers better management of changes and updates of documents between users of the same project. The end result is the efficient management of potential data processing conflicts linked to collaborative work. The possibility to secure data together with the new links tree enabling the user to navigate in the project and update files offers substantial time gains for TopSolid’Wood users working on the same project.

Faster realistic rendering

TopSolid’Wood 2014 proposes 2 new realistic rendering functions which will help the user to work faster. The 1st is the new brightness adjustment mode to adjust the brightness of an image once the image has been calculated. The user can now adjust settings after the image has been created without having to recalculate the entire image. In other words the user doesn’t have to waste time recalculating the entire image if there are last-minute changes to be made.

The second function is the new reduced image size calculation for a quicker image preview.  This function enables the user to previsualize the image quickly and thereby reduce set-up times.

Increased interior design efficiency

Since the 2014 version of TopSolid'Wood, the new "Sub slope" option is available for the driver block. As its name suggests, this option allows a component with driver block to automatically adapt itself to a location or a volume with a sloping top face.

In advanced options of the driver block, you just need to validate the "Sub slope" option according to the desired orientation. The component thus created will adjust itself in different forms thereby offering substantial time gains for interior designers. 

About Missler Software

Missler Software, whose headquarters is located just outside Paris, France, is the software developer of the TopSolid CAD/CAM/ERP software range dedicated to the mechanical manufacturing, toolmaking, wood and sheetmetal industries. In 2013 company turnover was €27M for 200 employees. Every year Missler Software invests in the region of 30% of its annual turnover in Research and Development for its integrated software range. The company was founded in 1984 and has been present on the international market since 1997. Missler Software exports approximately 60% of its software licenses via a network of 80 value added resellers throughout the world. For further information visit